Light on Main Street - Exhibitions

Light on Main Street

December 17, 2022–January 23, 2023

The Joan Dignam Schmaltz Gallery of Art at the Paul J. Schupf Art Center

The exhibition Light on Main Street will inaugurate the Colby Museum’s Joan Dignam Schmaltz Gallery of Art at the Paul J. Schupf Art Center, which will bring together some of Waterville’s most beloved arts institutions under one roof. Central Maine and the Waterville community have always nurtured local artists, makers, and craftspeople; the region also attracts artists “from away,” who draw inspiration from the area’s natural beauty and expressive traditions. An extension of the Colby Museum, the Schmaltz Gallery represents a new opportunity within this longstanding culture of creativity to forge connections with art, place, and each other.

The museum is excited to welcome the first visitors to the Joan Dignam Schmaltz Gallery of Art with a selection of videos and sculptures by Erin Johnson, Paul Kos, Barbara Gallucci, and Jennifer Steinkamp. At the darkest time of the year, these luminous artworks will fill the gallery on Castonguay Square with wonder and light.

Banner image: Erin Johnson, Lake (still), 2020. Video Installation; Above: Jennifer Steinkamp, Judy Crook 5 (still), 2014. Video installation. The Lunder Collection; 2017.801