Currents 8: Carly Glovinski - Exhibitions
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Currents 8: Carly Glovinski

Carly Glovinski, with Elizabeth Finch and Heidi Julavits

Paperback, 7.5 x 9.5 in., 48 pp.


Corresponding Exhibition: Currents 8: Carly Glovinski

Established by the Colby Museum in 2004, the Currents exhibition series is dedicated to emerging artists with connections to Maine. It supports innovative and experimental approaches to contemporary art and offers a platform for the presentation and publication of new works. 

How do you locate a landscape? For the eighth installment of the Currents series, Maine-born artist Carly Glovinski posed this question to generate a group of works for a two-part exhibition at the Colby Museum and the local Waterville Public Library. In its presentation of painted, cast, and woven forms, the exhibition manifests what Glovinski calls a “viewshed,” a term she has adopted from terrain analysis to describe her associative and egalitarian reflections on how we understand nature through the world of things.

The exhibition catalogue features a limited-edition bookmark by Glovinski, a short story by Heidi Julavits inspired by a visit from the artist on the Maine coast, and an essay by Colby Museum’s Lunder Chief Curator Elizabeth Finch.