6. Spleen - Exhibitions

Based in Baltimore, Boister is fronted by lead vocalist Anne Watts. The band has released seven albums since 1997, including Your Wound Is Your Crown (2014).

Mr. Spleen” references poet Charles Baudelaire and his 1869 collection of poems, Le spleen de Paris, the dark tone of which perfectly embodies the sense of ennui and melancholy since associated with the blood-filtering organ’s name.

Vocals, pianola, organ, bulbul tarang: Anne Watts, guitar; backing vocals: Warren Boes; trombone, backing vocals: Craig Considine; bass clarinet: John Dierker; bass, backing vocals: Chas Marsh; drums, cymbals, backing vocals: Lyle Kissack; congas, triangle, shekere, backing vocals: Jim Hannah; timpani table, bulbul tarang: Gino Hannah. Produced, recorded, and mixed by J. Robbins at the Magpie Cage, Baltimore, MD. ©2015 Piano Parasite Productions/BMI