5. Pituitary Gland - Exhibitions

Pianist and composer Frank LoCrasto is based in Brooklyn. His solo albums include El Dorado (2011) and Last Dispatch (2019). His musical project Kolumbo, which he describes as “tropicosmic piano animism,” released its debut album Gung Ho in 2022.

LoCrasto seemed particularly fond of the Pituitary Gland: “Usually you just think about big, beefy organs, like lungs and stomachs and kidneys. But the pituitary gland, known as ‘the master gland,’ is this tiny little organ doing so much work—regulating everything from the function of other organs to growth hormones and blood pressure, It’s like the guy at work who does everything but gets no credit, or the water boy at a football game.”

Composed, produced, and recorded by Frank LoCrasto. Guitars: Daran DeShazo, bass: Jordan Books. ©2015 Frank LoCrasto/LoCrasto Publishing