1. Trachea - Exhibitions

Lovestreams is the solo project of musician, writer, and producer Will Sheff, who is also the lead singer of the Austin, Texas–based band Okkervil River.

In “Famous Tracheotomies,” Sheff catalogs a series of musicians and writers (including himself) who have had emergency trachea surgery at one point or another in their lives. In the song’s final verse, Sheff recounts the story of the Kinks’s Ray Davies, who underwent the procedure when he was only 13 years old. During his recovery, nurses wheeled him onto the balcony of the hospital so he could watch the sun set over the river Thames. As Sheff relates in the song, Davies later drew on the experience to write the band’s classic hit “Waterloo Sunset.”

Written, performed, and produced by Will Sheff; electric guitar: Clinton Newman. Recorded at Crystal Snifter, Brooklyn, NY. ©2015 Will Sheff, Joundsongs (ASCAP)